A Night In This House

Hubby is away and I have a meeting in the morning. That puts a bit of extra pressure on me for the morning school run, so I gave the kids a heads up this afternoon that I needed them to be on their best behaviour and get their jobs done quickly since we wouldn’t have a whole heap of time once we got back from Squirt’s martial arts class before bedtime. Not quite sure why I bother with that little lecture, as it never seems to make much difference, but I live in hope.

Mostly, things went as expected – I had to chase them up to get in the bath, out of the bath, pack school bags, brush teeth ‘etc. and finally got them into bed just before 7.30pm and put a song on for them to listen to. Moo asked me to hold their hands (they’re in bunk beds) so I stood for a while, holding their hands. Moo pulled my hand towards her mouth and I thought “so sweet, she’s going to give me a little kiss”. Wrong, she just needed my hand to wipe her nose. Twice.

We have tried some kids’ meditations in the past with mixed success, but a friend had posted a link to some others and since they still didn’t seem keen to sleep, I thought I’d give them a try. I put one on and headed off to finish washing dishes and then went back to their room to check how things were going.

Both were still awake and the first meditation had finished so I started another one. Squirt was receptive, Moo said she didn’t like meditations and didn’t want to listen. I told her to lie down anyway and just not listen. So she curled in a ball and put her hands over her ears.

I went out again to try and find an outfit to wear tomorrow with the help of my gorgeous stylist friend (Kirsty from Shop and Style Specialists in case you want her assistance too!) via text messages. Midway through some outfit options, Squirt came in to tell me Moo was asleep but he was still awake. He “helped” me lay out some outfits while bouncing all over my bed.

Seriously where does this kid get his energy from !?

Outfit chosen and neatly hung on my bedroom door, I told him to go to bed and I was having a shower. Midway through the shower, Squirt appears with an armful of folded washing.

Yes, we are mid renovation.

“Guess what I’ve done to help Mum?” he asks. Me: *raises eyebrows* what?”

Squirt: I put your phone in your handbag (helpful since I need it to wake me up in the morning and there will no doubt be some Facebooking before bed), put a water bottle in your bag (ok), lay your clothes for tomorrow on the ottoman (not sure what was wrong with the bedroom door instead of the ottoman where no doubt the cat will think they look cosy and lie all over them), gave Moo her handbag and doll and tucked them under her arm and pulled her blanket up (yep, cause she needed them since she’s asleep, cute about the blanket though) and now I’m putting away the folded washing (riiiiiggggghhhhht).

Me: what I really need you to do is go to bed.

Squirt: but I’m just being helpful.

Me: yes, but that would have been more helpful this afternoon instead of one hour after your bedtime.

Squirt takes off and I finish my shower. I come out to the lounge to see him sitting on the couch with the TV on folding washing.

“See Mum?” he says, “I’m just like you”!

It’s hard to be cranky when he’s done half my jobs for me, so I let him snuggle quietly next to me on the couch for a bit.

Yes, I am a TOTAL sucker.



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2 thoughts on “A Night In This House”

    1. lifeloveandaviation

      I know! I love seeing the “other side” of my kids. Yes, they’re naughty and cheeky and just DO NOT go to bed on time. But they are also kind, caring and thoughtful which I love.

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