A Not So Quiet Lunch

Yesterday we decided to head up to one of the breweries in the Swan Valley with the kids to celebrate a friend’s birthday.

As we drove in the drive, Hubby and I noticed a young girl, possibly in her early 20’s, wearing a strapless, short jumpsuit. Something along these lines only not so long:European-Style-Women-Fashion-Jumpsuit-Backless-Ruffles-Design-Loose-Deep-V-Neck-Short-Trousers-Strap-Pink



Keep in mind, the maximum predicted temperature was 18 deg Celsius – so not super warm. The jumpsuit was so short that you could see everything hanging out the bottom, and then we saw it….not only could we see both ass cheeks but it also appeared that she had wet herself. We were both somewhat speechless but went and parked the car and went to find our friends.

It wasn’t hard as they found us in the carpark. They mentioned that the place had been overrun but rowdy, drunken 20 somethings, and that it might be best that we find somewhere else for lunch.

My girlfriend and I were concerned about the young girl but she appeared to have some friends trying to help her so we decided we didn’t want to embarrass her further and left them to it.

We headed up the road to another brewery but unfortunately the scene wasn’t much prettier. The party bus in the carpark was the first warning and the gaggle of 20 or so 20 somethings smoking all along the entrance way was the second.
We decided to risk it anyway and were rewarded with the sight of yet another young, intoxicated girl in a very low cut, neoprene white jumpsuit. She was lacking support in the upper region and everything was jiggling about and on display for all to see. She stood in the doorway for a second, in front of all our children, wobbled everything for a minute then staggered past as Squirt and his friend stood open mouthed.

There were some tables out the back and by this stage everyone was hungry so we decided to risk the party goers and order something to eat. We headed past a large table of youth and as I walked past, a young girl in a miniskirt was leaning back on the table flashing her underwear to me and everyone else. Based on what we’d seen so far today, I was just grateful she was wearing underwear!!

Fortunately the brewery seemed to be experienced at working with such groups of intoxicated punters, as they had served all their drinks in plastic glasses. We noticed this as they knocked a table full of drinks over at least 3 times while we were there.

My girlfriend and I headed to the counter to order our food and listened to the young drinkers try every which way to get around the fact that the bar staff had cut their drinks off, fortunately with limited luck.


While we were waiting for our food to arrive, yet another young girl in a very short jumpsuit walked out to the table behind us. Squirt stared at her as she sat down in her seat then turned back to the table agape and said “I could see her butt cheeks!” Yes, we had all seen her butt cheeks! The poor soul was so cold her legs were all mottled purple and pink as well.

The toilets were another war zone altogether. The floor was covered in rolls of toilet paper, wine glasses and heavens knows what else. My girlfriend was waiting outside the ladies’ to take her 2 year old to the toilet  (and we all know just how much notice you get with a 2 year old to be able to make it in time…!) when she heard someone sound like they fell heavily against the door of the disabled cubicle. A few minutes later, white jumpsuit girl staggered out, drink in hand to rejoin her crew.

Our delicious food arrived quickly and we were able to distract the kids from the shenanigans behind us and enjoy our lunch as most of the “entertainment” left the establishment. Presumably to descend on another venue and start the process all over again.

We still had a lovely day with our friends but it was scary and concerning to see so many young women so out of control at only 2pm on a Sunday afternoon. To have passers by feel that they might need to step in for your own safety and for 5 year olds to even be left open mouthed by what they were seeing is appalling. It reminded me of a post a friend wrote a couple of years ago about taking precautions. You can read it here.

I’m not suggesting I’m perfect, in fact I’m sure I may have been that drunk once or twice when I was younger (sorry Mum and Dad) but I would like to think that we can start to make a change to this culture.

If you’re reading this and feel like this could be you and or someone you know – rest assured you’ve given my children an eye opening education into the pitfalls of drinking too much alcohol, but maybe next time, let your friend know that you can see everything she had for breakfast and then some when she bends over. And if the bar staff cut you off, there’s probably a reason for it, so save your dollars and your dignity and have yourself a mocktail for the next few rounds at least!



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