Hi, I’m Erica and I am a mum of 2 and partner of an airline pilot. I have been with my partner for 11 years and he’s been flying since I knew him. In fact, he’s been flying since he was 15. I have never felt that his career defines me or who I am, however I am realising that it does play a large part in shaping who we are as a family.

When I met him, I was working as an Occupational Therapist and loved it. Fortunately, although we met in Sydney, we were both living in Perth, Western Australia at the time so forging our fledgling relationship was not complicated by the challenge of distance.

We have 2 children who are a duo of joy, love, terror, entertainment and challenges and I wouldn’t have it any other way (hubby might though!).

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  1. Hi Erica.
    Thanks for your review of the home meal/food delivery services in Perth. I’ll make up a pros and cons list from your article and go from there. I’ll let you know who I go with.

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