Him vs Me

I usually have a fair bit of compassion for Hubby when he’s away. I know he works hard with lots of early mornings and misses us (most of the time) but there are some days I find that a little harder than others.
Today he woke up about 4.30am (as did I) and flew 2 sectors (2 separate flights) and was done by about 10am. When I spoke with him, after dropping the kids at school and day care, as I was heading to my morning meeting he had just arrived at the hotel and was waiting for the Captain so they could go for a walk down to the harbour to visit some local establishments.

I had a couple of meetings about my new business (so excited by the way. Check out skyfamilies.com if you want to be notified when we get up and running), came home to write some more content for the website, picked Squirt up from school and called Hubby again. I thought Squirt might want to talk to him – turns out he didn’t.

Hubby certainly sounded like he had enjoyed his day out and was now (at 6.40pm) lying in his pristine hotel bed ready to go to sleep.

I, meanwhile, still had to pick up Moo from daycare, provide dinner, bath and dress both kids and get them to sleep, oh and attempt a school reader. Not the easiest prospect with kids who do not love bedtime. I’m sure my parents are laughing and laughing as I seem to remember being the same way as a child.

So, as it stands, Hubby is, presumably, sound asleep in his glorious hotel room (see golden building in the middle of picture below).

And I am trying to watch The Bachelorette finale (yes, I know!), while both kids are up and down like yo yos,

She went to bed in pyjamas and came out like this…

The sink looks like this:

And our 6 month old puppy is acting like she needs an exorcism and is totally riling up our nearly 8 year old dog.

So tonight I am done. Can someone please send me to a hotel for a night while someone else washes my dishes?

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