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Squirt Asks – How Are Babies Made…?

It’s the age old questions kids always seem to want to know. How are babies made?

During our conversation at the dinner table last night, Squirt said to Hubby “your balls make babies don’t they?”.

Hubby paused for a second and said “well, they make the seeds that make the babies”.

“So,” Squirt says “if I want 2 children I’ll have to cut off both my balls?”.

“Err, not quite”, says Hubby.

Squirt: “I’ll have to cut off my willy and put it in there?” (I assume he was referring to the girls tummy since he knows that’s where babies grow).

“Err, no” says hubby.

“Well how does it work?” asks Squirt.

“We will explain that to you when you’re a little older”.

And for those of you who think honesty is the best policy, given how much Squirt LOVES babies and girls, I think it’s in everyone’s best interests that we leave the conversation there for now!

How do your kids think babies are made?

Update: 2 months later

Driving along and Squirt decides to bring up the baby question again.

“Dad? How are babies made?”

Hubby starts on about a pinch of sugar, some flour, chilli, put it in the oven for 3 days…

That’s not how you make a baby, says Squirt.

Well you need to add a brain and stuff says Hubby.

That’s not how, says Squirt again.

Well if you know how, then why did you ask? I ask him.

I don’t know how, I just know that’s not it. It’s got something to do with your nuts and a parent.

Further updates:

Squirt’s curiosity with this subject of how babies are made continues and we have had a few more discussions this year. 

One that stands out is when he explained that he wasn’t exactly sure how babies were made but he was pretty sure Dad had to cut off a nut and Mum would swallow it.

He also asked me the other day how you know when you’re pregnant. I outlined home pregnancy tests, blood tests and some of the physical symptoms. Then I asked him why he wanted to know.

“So I can tell when my wife is pregnant”, he replied.

Of course.


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