It’s The Little Things

This morning I am grateful for a lot of things.

Hubby has had a full on week of work (not as rough as my week, of course) but demanding none the less! Yet he still got up this morning and cooked us all pancakes for breakfast.

When you have time away from your kids, you would think that you’d be excited to see them and happy to take over from your partner, however often the opposite is true. Yes, you’re usually happy to see them, but it takes time to reacclimatise to having little people climbing all over you, clambering for attention and leaving a trail of destruction wherever they go – especially if you are trying to tidy up that trail of destruction or organise them to do something. Don’t believe me? Try going away for a couple of days without the kids, or even a day. Trust me, I’ve done it and had trouble getting my head back in the game. Hubby does it regularly and while he almost always jumps straight in to the chaos, I also try and have some awareness to allow him some space when he returns home. The challenge is I often also need space or simply to get stuff done, so he doesn’t always get it.

After pancakes, he managed to get both kids ready and out the door for Squirt’s martial arts. Bliss – a whole hour to myself to shower, dress and wash dishes. Like I said, it’s the little things…!

I did receive a call from Hubby asking me to bring a full change of clothes for Squirt since he’d managed to spill his entire water bottle over the contents of his bag. 10 minutes later, a text message asking me to bring food as Moo was complaining she was hungry!

My bunch of jonquil (earlicheer) heads!

As I washed the dishes in silence, I could smell the jonquils that Moo had picked for me yesterday and enjoyed the fact that I had some quiet time to think about what else I needed to do today.

I picked up toys and clothes off the floor, knowing that they would stay where I put them for at least a couple of hours and that there was no one making a mess somewhere else while I tidied the family room.

It’s funny how parenting changes your perception on so many things and today I enjoyed taking a moment to soak in the peace and quiet and be grateful for the little things.

What little things are you grateful for today?

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