Moo Turns Three!

I’m a little late to post this but you know, life etc. so here is the down low only a couple of weeks after the big event.

Moo had been planning a Frozen themed party for a while but closer to the event became distracted by her love for Spiderman (I’m gonna marry Spiderman, she often tells us) and decided she would like a Frozen/Spiderman party. So…you would think she’d dress as Elsa? Spiderman? Maybe even Anna? Nope, pink Darth Vader – of course! We stole Squirt’s Darth Vader mask since we were having trouble finding another sturdy one and Hubby painted and glittered it for the big day. I contacted Kaye at Maya’s Magical Tulle who made some gorgeous headbands for Moo when she was younger. I sent her some photos of what we had in mind and she created this gorgeous tutu and cape combo. Moo was beside herself when she saw it.

Hubby was in charge of the invitations and organised these very efficiently, which was lucky since we only had 3 weeks to book and plan everything after his roster was released. I usually have a plan in mind with some options and once we have the roster in our hot little hands we (hopefully) find a suitable date and start organising.

Moo loves having her face painted and I had liaised with a lovely face painter we had met at another event who was very agreeable to working around our tentative dates. If you ever need a face painter here in Perth, I cannot recommend Nicola from Faces By Nicola highly enough. She was wonderful with the children (and adults!) and her work was impeccable. Everyone loved the artworks she created on our faces, although Hubby was a little dubious about what those two things on my forehead were meant to be.

I figured 3 year olds don’t have the attention span to play lots of games so wanted to aim for activities that they could move between easily and not need too much adult assistance. Our playgroup has a bouncy castle that has been well used by all of us for parties so we set that up on a grassed area outside and the kids had a ball. The older siblings might be getting a little big for it though because there were a few collapses when they all jumped in there at once!

What pilot’s kid’s party would be complete without a paper aeroplane making station. Squirt was keen to be in charge and had practiced lots of designs before the big day. The planes were somewhat outdone by a gentleman who was flying his drone down at the park though and he kept the kids mesmerised for AGES! I’m sure you can organise for someone to bring their drone to your kids party if you really want, but in this case we just got lucky!


That’s drone guy in the middle of all the kids!
Another activity (that I’m sure I saw on Pinterest a while ago so can’t claim the credit for the brilliant idea) was a bubble station. Simply tape the long bubble tubes (usually $1 at Kmart or Big W etc) to a pole, undo the lids and let the kids loose. No more dealing with tipped out bubble solution in the first 30 seconds.

And then a couple of older kids/adults who think they’re kids entertained with a some games like Duck Duck Goose and being human climbing frames while we prepared the cake.


Moo had a sprinkle cake picked out for quite a while in advance but her ideas for what she wanted on it changed often! She eventually decided to stick with the theme and I made life easy by just popping some character candles on top.

I wanted something other than lollies for the party bags and was stoked when I stumbled across these moulded crayons by Squiggle and Play Crayons. Angela was so helpful and super efficient. I wish I’d taken a photo of the packaging the crayons arrived in – she had taken so much care with it all. I love great customer service! The stickers were my creation.

We had a fabulous day celebrating with family and friends and it all came together well considering the short notice. I’m glad there’s a few months until Squirt’s birthday though!


Disclaimer: I paid for all goods and services so I’m not just saying nice things because they gave me freebies! But if you want to give me freebies and you do a great job then I’ll say nice things about you too đŸ™‚

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