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How To Whiten Your Teeth The Safer Way!

Disclosure: I received a free jar of Moon Dust Tooth Powder to trial for this review. All opinions are my own.

A couple of weeks ago, I came across a weird looking tooth paste product called Moon Dust Tooth Powder.  I had recently switched to a natural deodorant which I have been very happy with and was considering trying their natural tooth whitening products when I found Moon Dust.

Moon Dust Tooth Powder

moon dust tooth powderMoon Dust is a food grade tooth powder which is new to the market. It’s a tooth whitener but also a tooth paste and it looks super weird but I’d read some good reviews about these type of products so I was keen to try it.

A Little Bit of Background

5 years ago, a friend introduced me to safer skin care products. Before then I had no idea about the kind of ingredients that companies were putting in our personal care products. After speaking with her, I did some research and realised that companies often choose the cheap way out, regardless if this means using ingredients that have been proven to be harmful. Since then, I am always happy to find a product that can do the job I need it to do, but with less risk to myself and my family.

This is just one of the reasons I was so excited when Gabrielle Morrison (RN and Holistic Health Coach), one of the founders of Moon Dust offered to send me a sample of the product to try it out for myself. Not only is it the first product I have received for an official review, I even have one to give away to my readers!

The Trial

I headed into the bathroom with Moo to try our new, kinda funky looking, tooth powder. I’m not going to lie, I was super worried it was going to be really gritty and taste kind of funny. I was very surprised (and pleased) to find it wasn’t like that at all.

Moo went first and was not a fan. Possibly because it’s quite different to what she’s used to but she hates most toothpastes anyway. After that I was even more worried about what it would be like but with trepidation, dipped my brush in the powder and into my mouth.

I wasn’t sure if I was supposed to add water or not. I know I’d read this on the Moon Dust website but was too excited to go check again, so I tried without. The Tooth Powder seemed to stick to my toothbrush fine and didn’t feel dry in my mouth. FYI the website says dip your brush in water first, salt water is good. Seriously, this stuff was not at all gritty and didn’t really have any taste at all. Phew! Makes it much easier to write a review when it’s good!

I brushed while Moo laughed about my black teeth and then gave my mouth a really good rinse. And I mean, a really good rinse. Moon Dust recommend that you have a dark cloth handy to help with clean up and I’d second that idea. They also suggest you can brush your teeth in the shower. This is better for clean up, but you probably want to dip in the powder outside the shower first.

My teeth definitely felt clean afterwards and maybe a little whiter – have a look at the photos below and see for yourself.

The Rest of the Week

Day 2 – I think because I was a bit worried about the taste and texture of the Moon Dust the first time I used it, I didn’t brush as well as I could have. Today I gave it a really good go and, this is going to sound a little bit weird, but it almost tasted a little like cake mix. I think maybe it’s the cinnamon in the mixture.

Day 4 – I decided to try it in the shower today. Much easier to clean up as long as you’re careful transferring the Moon Dust on your toothbrush to the shower.

Day 6 – Squirt saw me with black teeth and thought it was hilarious so wanted to try it himself. He was a little slow to start and said it tasted funny. However, he actually brushed his teeth for longer than he usually does with regular toothpaste, so it can’t have been too bad.

Day 7 –  I took my final photo and compared it to the others. I felt like I could definitely see a difference in the whiteness but thought maybe I was getting carried away. I called ever sceptical Hubby in to see the photos. He took one look and said “so I guess it works then?”.

Results: Squirt now only wants to use this and not his other toothpaste. That’s always a good sign – must be because it tastes like cake! (And he thinks it makes him look like a zombie). I am super happy with the results and that the tooth powder tastes and feels much better than I expected.

 Moon Dust Tooth Powder Before and After Trial
Moon Dust Tooth Powder Before and After Trial

Are you so amazed by this product that you just can’t wait to try it for yourself? Moon Dust is available for purchase from their website You can also find your closest stockist on their “Shop” page.

Your Chance to Win a 50g Jar of Moon Dust Tooth Powder

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Competition Closes on Monday 10 October 2016 at 10pm WST. Winner announced Wednesday 12 October.


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22 thoughts on “How To Whiten Your Teeth The Safer Way!”

  1. Intriguing stuff. Would love to give it a go. Having no nastys is always a good thing. The added bonus is we can all look like the seer from vikings if the video of squirt is anything to go by lol

  2. I would like to win a jar of “Moon Dust” because my boy’s are no longer phased by seeing me with a charcoal mud mask on my face, they merely look at each other and chorus how beautiful I am. Fake tan used to scare them but now they laugh and make jokes about “Gamma Radiation”. I think that black teeth will truly unnerve them for a while, baring in mind that the over arching goal is to prepare them for adult life with other women and I wish to build up a fairly high tolerance in my boys … Because chicks can be crazy!

  3. My kids absolutely hate toothpaste and I have spent so much money and time trying to find something they will use without so much of a tsunami every morning, they love zombie movies so maybe they would like it as your son did. Tried toothpaste tablets and lush natural tooth powder, be very interested to see if moon dust can prove its worth.

  4. This sounds like something I’d like to try. I’ll look out for it at my local Alternative Health shop this week. I’m also using more natural products to because I think they actually work better. I think I’m also over the big end marketing ‘screaming’ at me from all directions to buy buy buy. If the kids are more keen to brush that has to be a bonus, too.

    1. lifeloveandaviation

      Hi Theresa, if you check on you should be able to prevent yourself hiking all over town. Alternatively ask them to get in contact with Gabrielle and start stocking it for you!

    1. lifeloveandaviation

      I have to admit, I was very worried about what the texture would be like. Even after the first couple of times I still couldn’t quite believe it wasn’t gritty.

  5. I love these tooth powder products that are entering the market! I have tried the Lush products but am interested in giving this a try also, I mean who doesn’t want to brush their teeth with cake mix!

  6. I have seen tooth powder before, but this was a great read! I’d be interested in trying this stuff, especially if it could whiten your teeth and be better for your teeth overall! Thanks for sharing your recommendation!

  7. I have tried so many different toothpastes and nothing seems to be working for me. I would love to give it a go. I miss my healthy pearly white smile.

  8. Regina Czwerenczuk

    No toxins, no fluoride, I love the idea of using something which will cause no harm. Have waited a long time to finally make a difference to my health and dental care. Would love to try this and see the results. I think I will be laughing so much the first time I use it….. Black Teeth, well, until they are rejuvenated., will definetly not wear white clothing while aI brush

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