Not the best response…

Squirt has some paint flaking off his wall. It was only a tiny bit where we removed some shelves but he’s picked it and picked it until it’s a huge hole. We have asked him a hundred times to stop picking at it as it will make more work for hubby when he finally gets around to repainting it. As I was picking yet more paint flakes off the rug I was telling him off and saying how disrespectful it was to damage things like that. 

His reply? Is Acca Dacca still coming to Perth?  


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3 thoughts on “Not the best response…”

  1. When you’ve been together so long & have children together – “Hubby” is the best description! I find it easier to call my ‘other half’ Hubby.
    “Boyfriend” also feels like we’re teenagers!
    & “Other Half” just doesn’t sit right for me đŸ˜œ

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