Organising Pens, Pencils and Markers

Is pencil chaos driving you nuts? Want to make it easier for you and the kids to find what you’re looking for easily? 

I recently organised our huge collection of pens, pencils, crayons, markers etc by colour and it has made it much better for the kids when they’re creating their artworks. It’s also much more enjoyable to look at than the previous drawer of chaos!

Finding the right storage to help organise your pens, pencils and textas

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I used the Snudda 39cm Lazy Susan and nine of the 9cm DaiDai Brass Plant Pot which fit perfectly around the perimetre of the of the 39cm lazy susan. I added a 12cm DaiDai Brass Plant Pot in the middle of the lazy susan for all the non coloured pens, pencils, erasers, rulers and sharpeners. 

Ikea Snudda Lazy Susan
Ikea DaiDai Plant Pots

Assembling the Organiser

Either use short wood screws (these 15mm wood screws from Bunnings would do the trick) and drill through the base of each pot into the lazy susan or for a more temporary solution, use blutac to attach the pots to the wooden base. 

Position the 9 smaller pots around the perimetre and once you’re happy with the placement, attach them using your prferred method.

If you’re using the large centre pot, once you’re happy with the outer pots, position it in the middle and attach it.

Filling your Pencil Organiser

Up to you how you want to put it altogether but I love the effect of colour-coordinating all the pens. I checked all the pens were working and sharpened all the pencils so we were starting with a clean slate.

Even better, when it came to the kids school lists this year, it was able to make a full set of pencils and textas easily from what we had at home. 

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