Squirt the Lifesaver

I like to post amusing stories about my children because I like to entertain, but they’re not always like that. About 18 months ago, just after Squirt had turned 4, we were at the swimming pool when he did something pretty impressive.

He was playing in the pool after his swimming lesson when he saw a much younger child climb over a wall and into the pool. Squirt swam over to him and held him up until the parents came and grabbed him.

It all happened very quickly – the child had been playing in the pool with his parents and suddenly climbed out and ran over to the higher wall. It only took a couple of seconds for the mum to jump out of the pool as well and follow her son to where he jumped in, but I loved that Squirt saw the child was in trouble and helped out.

Squirt the Lifesaver
Squirt was playing inside the small “C” where there’s a little step, when the child climbed over the wall at the bottom of the picture and into the deeper section.

It was only later that the swimming teacher pointed out that Squirt also couldn’t stand in that area. I asked him if that was true and he said “yeah, I just held onto the kid and kept jumping off the bottom of the pool to keep him above the water”.

When he was talking to my Dad about it afterwards, Dad asked when he realised the child was in trouble and needed help. Squirt replied “I could tell when I saw him heading to the wall that he wouldn’t be able to swim there so I just swam over to where he was about to jump in”.

So not only did he see a problem and work to fix it, he even pre-empted it! Pretty mind blowing for a 4 year old.

We gave him some pretty big props for that and my Dad and his girlfriend send him a “medal” which was a chocolate coin stuck to a ribbon. The best kind of medal ever for a 4 year old!

Here’s my boy just after his lifesaving efforts!
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  2. Aww, I love your stories about your kids. You sometimes make me rethink my decision not to have them. You’ve clearly raised them all and have all the qualities you attribute to them, because they must’ve learned from someone đŸ™‚

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