Migraines Suck

I had my first proper migraine when Squirt was about 15 months old. I was out for dinner with my Mother’s Group and about halfway through the meal I started developing a headache. It was quite painful and I declined a second glass of champagne, finished my meal pretty quickly and drove home. Hubby was …

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Mother’s Day

Two years ago we told Squirt that Dad was going to be away for Mother’s Day and he was going to have to be in charge of making Sunday special and he replied “oh god”!! A couple of weeks ago, Hubby’s roster arrived. A quick glance at the important events showed that Mother’s Day was …

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No Fear

Here’s Squirt (and hubby) taking on The Drop. At 23m, it’s the tallest inflatable slide in the world! Squirt on the left, Hubby on the right.