Well that was a little bit awkward – flashback

November 1, 2013
We were at the hospital for an appointment with my gynaecologist. We started with a general history as, even though I have been seeing this specialist for a while, today she had a junior doctor with her and she wanted to bring him up to speed.

Midway through, a security guard comes rushing up the stairs looking for the emergency. Squirt (then 3),  had pressed the silent duress alarm without us noticing. The (slightly out of breath) security guard was very pleasant about the whole affair. I was embarrassed, however pleased there was no real emergency, he cancelled the alarm and we got back to business.

I then sent Squirt to go wait in the waiting room with Hubby and baby Moo.

A short while later,  Squirt came back into the treatment room. I was up on the examination table, naked from the waist down with only a
sheet covering my dignity. Squirt took one look at me and said “is the Dr looking at your bottom?”

When I said yes, he promptly whipped his pants down and said “I’m next!”


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